Cruise holidays remain as popular as ever, especially with the older generation and those looking to visit a varied selection of destinations within a moderate amount of time.

With on-board entertainment and facilities more appealing than ever, the choice of which attractions to visit during the cruise has become more exclusive and specialized. Here are 5 of the more unique cruise holiday destinations that can be experienced with a cruise holiday; all these holidays can be booked easily enough through a cruise holiday provider so you shouldn’t have any excuse why you can’t find the perfect one for you!

Arctic Expedition

The Arctic is one of the most beautiful and remote environments to visit on a cruise. Its natural environment has largely been left untouched by the modern world. Many holiday makers are choosing to visit this area to catch a glimpse of the majestic glaciers, a sight sadly being lost due to damaging environmental changes.

Notable sights on an Arctic cruise will include the Northern Lights, Franz Josef Land and the North Pole to name but a few. The region is also home to some of the rarest and extraordinary wildlife on the planet; witnessing a polar bear or arctic fox in the flesh is a once in a lifetime experience for some lucky sightseers.

Galapagos Islands

Visiting the Galapagos Islands, made famous by distinguished evolutionary scientist Charles Darwin in the 19th century, is a must for nature-lovers. Embarking onto the islands will allow travellers the chance to observe animals rarely seen elsewhere on the planet. What’s more, there are nearly 2,000 species totally unique to the Islands.

On-board experts can detail the history of the area, notably the route and areas which Darwin himself visited during the famous HMS Beagle voyage stimulating his work ‘On the Origin of Species’.

Black Sea

The Black Sea has a unique history of its own, making it a recommended place to take a cruise. Many smaller cruise liners offer expeditions here as a way of visiting the Mediterranean without being caught in the middle of busy crowds.

Although it is an uncommon cruise destination for some, it is easily accessible as it is bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia and Romania. The cultural diversity offered in these countries will cater the needs of any kind of tourist and there are plenty of beaches to relax on also.



Voyaging to the Hawaiian Islands is possible all year round and offers a range of activities to be completed throughout your time there. From taking time on the beautiful beaches, to carrying out snorkelling trips and witnessing active volcanoes up close, there is something for everyone to experience with trip to Hawaii.

Many cruise ship companies offer a chance to visit the area so you are not restricted in your choice when picking out the ideal itinerary or timescale. Helicopter tours, along with visiting Pearl Harbour and whale watching, are popular pursuits taken up by tourists.

Themed Cruises

It isn’t just destinations that can be out of the ordinary. Many cruise liner companies will offer very particular themes to their expeditions that only attract a certain audience. Party orientated trips, often referred to as 18-30 year old cruises, are geared for the more excitable crowd for example.

However, more wacky and specific themes have arisen over the past few years. These include such cruises designed for Star Trek fans, Elvis lovers or Vampire enthusiasts. Some companies even offer singles-only or nudist trips for adventurous travellers.