The great outdoors has been an attractive place to situate oneself since… well the dawn of man. Of course, a lot has changed since then, but the principle remains the same. We love being outside because it’s in our nature. Speaking of nature, where better to shed the trappings of the modern materialist world than out in the wild on a camping trip?

camp in the nature

I’m not talking about being a survivalist, growing a huge beard and living among the bears for 5 years (though there’s nothing wrong with that!), I’m taking about digging your tent, camping stove and walking boots out from the garage and making your way into the wilderness for a few nights under the stars. Below are 5 reasons why you should dust off your tent pegs and get out there.

1 – Escape life in the city

Most of us live in cities – that’s just the way things are. But spending too long surrounded by big grey buildings can leave us feeling jaded and isolated. If you work in an office you’ll probably be able to relate to this all too well, as you can only stare at the same four walls for so long.

It’s surprisingly easy to break away when you’ve got the chance – Spend a bit of time online looking for somewhere suitable to set up camp and you’re away. There are actually a number of options when it comes to camping in the UK, but my personal favourite is Wales, as it has a unique landscape that calls me back time and again.

back to nature camp

2 – Reconnect with mother nature

Being outside camping means that you don’t have the chance to retreat into the living room to catch up on your soaps; you’ll have every opportunity to connect with mother nature and all the natural entertainment she provides.

My favourite thing about making your own fun is that you get to be productive and creative. Maybe you could build a tree house with the kids or go foraging for food that you might be able to use in that evening’s cooking. Speaking of cooking…

outdoor cooking camping

3 – Outdoor cooking

We all know how much fun a barbecue can be, so just imagine how it feels to cook three meals a day under the open sky with your portable camping stove. Imagine eggs and bacon for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch and sausages and mash for dinner to get your strength up for the following day’s hike.

If you’re feeling really adventurous you could try and light a fire using wood and kindling found in the local area, and cook au natural! Take great care and make sure you research the area you plan on staying in before attempting this, as you may end up accidentally breaking the law!

comfortable camp

4 – It’s Cheap

I would argue that this is the best reason on the list by far. You could go to a hotel or rent a caravan, but the cheapest way to get away is to camp. You might not even need to buy a tent, as you could borrow one from a friend if they’re generous enough. If you do have to buy one it’ll last you many trips and certainly pay you back in excellent memories.

If you’ve got any great reasons why people should try camping this year then let us know in the comments below.