Christmas is a great time to take a holiday and simply explore, though with much of Europe still struggling to come out of recession, travel budgets can be tight. This might make you think that a holiday this year is something that you simply can’t afford to take. However, I can promise you that once you arrive, a holiday can be well within your budget. Here are five destinations where you can travel for less than $30 per day.

holiday in Thailand


Despite now being one of the most expensive countries in South East Asia, Thailand can still be a cheap tourist destination. When you leave the most popular tourist islands in the South of the country, it is easy to live on less than $30. Just make sure to eat the delicious local food cooked at the side of the road, stay in budget guest houses and avoid drinking lots of alcohol and you will easily stay within the $30 a day budget. In fact, if you really want to travel on a budget, it is still possible to live and di sightseeing on less than $20 a day.

trip to Indonesia


Having lived in Indonesia for the last few years, I know that it’s possible to travel around the country for a lot less than $30 a day. The biggest expense, as always, is accommodation, though budget hostels cost as little as $8 a night. Street food is also cheap with meals costing between $0.50 and $1.00 a day. The current exchange rate is also great for tourists, meaning that a dollar goes a lot further than it normally would in Indonesia this Christmas.

trip to greece


Greece is one of my favourite European holiday destinations. Moreover, it is a great place to visit off season, when the weather is warmer than the snow covered lands of Northern Europe, but not so hot that you end up turning the colour of a cooked lobster. Hostel rooms can be found for less than $15 and you can find a huge meal with drinks included for less than $10.

holiday to romania


Most famous as the home  of Dracula, Romania has plenty to offer tourists and it is cheap. The country has a bit of everything; there are the beautiful beaches on the black sea, the picturesque hills of Southern Bukovina and finally the Transylvanian Alps. Outside of the major cities, cheap Bed and Breakfasts in the home of a local is often the only real option available, which is perfect for a budget traveller. Meanwhile, local Romanian food is also cheap and delicious.

nicaragua holiday


The Central American country of Nicaragua is the perfect Latin escape for backpackers looking for something an adventure. Hostel rooms cost less than $10 a night, while local food is even cheaper ($3 for a meal). Of course, even though most of the people you meet will be incredibly friendly, make sure to stay safe as crime is rife in the country.