With the price of a plane ticket to Spain costing less than a local train ticket, there is no excuse for not taking a 2013 European city break. Here’s my list of the top ten 2013 European city breaks.

1. Barcelona

With amazing architecture, nice beaches and a booming nightlife, there are lots of things to do in Barcelona, which is why the city just has to be included on this list of top 2013 European city breaks. What other city in the world has buildings that look like they’ve come out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale, or a Cathedral that makes an atheists jaw drop? Point made!

2.  Amsterdam

There’s so much more to Amsterdam than sex shops, cannabis and prostitutes. Hire a bicycle and get into the fast lane and explore. With no hill in sight Amsterdam was made for getting around. If cycling doesn’t do it for you hop into a barge and get taken around some of the 165 canals in the city. I promise you won’t be disappointed by this 2013 European city break destination!

3.  Berlin

Berlin has come a long way from the times when Communist East met Capitalist West. No longer divided by a wall, Berlin has become a firm favourite with backpackers and students alike. With cheap prices and plenty of cultural activities on offer, this is a great 2013 European city break.

4.  Lisbon

Lisbon is located in a natural bay surrounded by high hills, making this picturesque city the perfect place for a 2013 European city break. Exploring Lisbons’ little winding backstreets and hopping onto the small trams that climb the steep hills is just a magical way of spending a day. You should also check out Santa Justa Elevator, which was designed by an apprentice to Gustave Eiffel (who designed the Eiffel Tower).

5.  Istanbul

Constantinople, or Istanbul as it is now called was founded in an attempt to unite a Roman Empire in decline. Built on the banks of the Bosphorus, Istanbul literally has one foot in Asia and the other in Europe. Exploring the city it is easy to see that for hundreds of years this was one of the political centres of the world. With its rich history it is a clear contender for anyone looking for a 2013 European city break.

6.   Rome

Home to the smallest country in the world, Rome is an unmissable 2013 European city break. It is a truly beautiful city, with so much to do that you will struggle to fit everything into a weekend. A personal highlight is the Vatican Museum, which rather strangely has a large Egyptian section thanks to Napoleon’s brothers’ short rule of the country.

7.   Budapest

Budapest is simply beautiful and a favourite with travellers and backpackers. With cheap prices and five World Heritage sites in the city there’s no excuse to visit this stunning city in the heart of Europe; a great place for a 2013 European city break.

8.   Prague

Another Eastern European capital for the top ten 2013 European city breaks; Prague is a great choice for travellers. The capital of the Czech Republic is not only famous for its great nighlife and locally produced beer, but also its cultural wonders like the Astronomical Clock tower.

9.   Paris

Fine dining, romance and culture. Paris is the perfect 2013 city break and a great place to bring the love of your life. With world class restaurants (try Academie de la biere), great museums and plenty of parks and shopping it is a great place to enjoy life.

10. Athens

Athens was attracting tourists, building an empire and fighting wars against tyrannical dictatorships in the name of freedom and democracy 2,500 years before George Bush was even born. With such a rich history, there is plenty to see when exploring Athens. For the best experience visit Athens in Spring or early Autumn to avoid the summer heat. Be sure to check out the Anafiotika neighbourhood on your 2013 European city break in Athens.